17 August 2014


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14 August 2014

Birth Control Issues - Uterus Talk!

Quick excuse - I haven't blogged in two weeks, returned emails, etc because I have no internet at home due to a fault which will hopefully get fixed tomorrow. I'm hardly getting by with my phone and occasional Instagram updates. Fingers crossed it all gets fixed soon because I have some serious blogging and Real Housewives episodes to catch up on. Anyways...

High five if you have a uterus!

Yay! Hooray for wombs! Now let's talk about shutting one down for an extended period of time...

After I last gave birth I requested that any semi-trained medical staff member shoot me up immediately with their most potent birth control substance. I ended up laying on the hospital bed with  my head turned away from the doctor holding the scalpel as he inserted a tiny tube of Implanon in my arm. I thought it was great because I wouldn't have to worry about taking daily pills and knowing that it stays in your arm for three years is a pretty sweet deal.

But after a month or more of constant bleeding (which thankfully subsided eventually before I bled to death) I now find myself piling on weight when I shouldn't be. I've been eating relatively better and exercising more yet no weight is coming off and instead I find myself actually putting more on. I started noticing my clothes were becoming tighter so I stepped on the scales and recoiled in horror at the six kilo increase. Ok, maybe two of those could be cake related but seriously... this hormonal change the medicine is making in my body is dangerous. 

And then there is the dryness. For as long as I can remember I have always had oily skin but since using Implanon my skin has changed. It's now super dry, even a little flaky, my scalp is dry, my hands and face look and feel older because of the loss of moisture, my skin texture has changed - basically I hate what it has done to me.  I now have the skin of a saggy old Eastern European chain smoker. It aint good. 

I can't take it anymore and plan to get the damn thing taken out of my arm ASAP even if I have to cut it out myself with a magnet and a pitchfork. Question is though - what birth control method to use? I definitely do not want anymore kids so some form of the stuff is needed. Chastity Belt? Castration? Menopausal rain dance? Disembowelment... no that's going too far...

What medication or method do you suggest using? Have you had problems in the past with any specific type of birth control? 

31 July 2014

A Visit to Deerland Park

One of the best experiences of my recent girls trip to Malaysia was spending the day touring from coast to coast on a wildlife adventure that included bathing and swimming with baby elephants, handling cute and cuddly hedgehogs, holding snakes and cruising down a river at night time to do a bit of firefly spotting. 

One of the first stops on the day (after a visit to the grand Batu Caves) was a visit to Deerland park in Pahang where we got to pet and feed a very populated yet gentle group of deer. The deer were very friendly (the apples in our hands helped a lot), although the obvious group leader was the usual alpha male bastardo and kept pushing the other deer out of the way with its antlers just to get the prime feeding position. 

After that, a quick stroll through maintained Malaysian jungle led us to a small sanctuary of sorts that housed various creatures, amongst them a rather overly cute baby hedgehog (that seemed to live precariously too close to a snake pit inhabited by three pythons), lizards, native chickens and other such birds, more deer species, ferrets and even more birds.

It was a great break from the usual shopping/eating majority of our trip, especially since I can't really indulge in these sort of things back home with my toddlers. 

Stay tuned for the elephant swimming adventure! 

25 July 2014

Recent Ramadan Buys

Last Sunday I attended a local Ramadan bazaar and picked up a few goodies to spruce up the home, including a cute decorative bowl from Tunisia. My kids have broken so many ornaments in their collective short few years of life so I'm mindful of cute (and cheap) little knick-knacks when shopping. This one cost $15 and will make a perfect ring bowl but in reality it will probably end up holding random coins.

Little blocks of Tunisian perfume. At $5 a pop, these babies go great in drawers to ensure your clothing smells beautiful. I ended up buying two rose varieties and one of jasmine.

Spring in June. I love florals. Thats a bit of an understatement. I saw this piece in an uploaded photo on Facebook for the day's event and was originally not going to attend because the kids were acting up and I felt craptastic myself but once I saw this painting I knew I had to have it. I drove down, mentally cheered "Yes!" when I saw it still for sale and handed my money over on the spot. I've been looking for pretty artwork to do up my house for a while now and besides a nice one I bought from Ikea a couple months ago (that I'll show in an Ikea haul later on) I haven't really come across anything that really drew me in.

I love this piece because the colours are on point, IT'S FLORAL, it's a proper original canvased painting not a mass-produced print and it was painted by a lovely local muslim Perth artist; Aseel Zaher. Check out her website here.

I also bought cupcakes to keep the kids busy as evidenced by a recent Instagram upload, but alas I didn't get to have nay because the kids got to all of them before I could.

Have you bought anything home related of late?

22 July 2014

A Henna Idea For Eid

Although having your hands dyed and decorated for Eid is a Muslim tradition all around the world, truth be told I have only had it done once and it wasn't even for Eid. On a trip to Malaysia last year with my husband (not the most recent trip that I've yet to upload pics of) I came across an Indian woman sitting at a small table in the middle of the street in busy Chinatown, her small son by her side. She had a folder in front of her, open to images of elaborate dark brown scribbles that drew me in. I flicked through them and found the one I wanted but when I sat down she told me that particular design would make my hands look wider than they already are (seriously... if I was a guy they'd be perfect for boxing) and instead drew out on my skin her own design. 

It became sort of awkward when a small crowd starting gathering around to see the artist at work. I don't like being a focal point around people I don't know so in my head I was mentally asking them to all bugger off but in reality if I was a passerby I probably would've stopped and stared at the art in progress too. 

I was amazed at how quick she was. Bonus point for the henna being the exact same colour as my nails. Minus points for the low quality henna only lasting two days on my skin. I was expecting it to last at least a week (if not more).

Most of the pics were taken back in my hotel room against a beautiful piece of art by a local Malaysian artist that hung in our room. I was waiting the required time for it to finish drying, hence the 3D effect of the henna. Speaking of art - I bought a gorgeous floral piece over the weekend from a local Perth artist (Muslim too!) that I'll show in the next blog post, along with a few other goodies I've picked up recently. 

In the street getting it done...

The dried henna design the next day at breakfast. You might have seen this pic before form last year if you follow me on Instagram.

What do you think of the design? Have you ever had henna done before?

P.S: I'm trying to organise a last minute henna party for my friends before Eid so if you know of a henna artist in Perth please let me know!

10 July 2014

Velvet Teal Floral

Wahat AlJalabiya sent me their Teal Night Rose Kaftan to review which I personally think is a splendid choice for Eid attire because where else would you have the opportunity to wear something as grand as this to except for perhaps a wedding?

The kaftan is pretty loosely fitted (no cinched in waistlines, etc) and comes with a matching sleeveless underdress as the chiffon/velvet embellished slip is sheer and open at the front from the bust downwards. On their website the dress looks more dark blue on my screen resolution than teal but is actually teal in person. The mute gold velvet roses and dots are great quality (not the cheap Chinese type that seem to rub off in the wash).

My favourite part of the kaftan are the sleeves - they're princess cut and drape like a dream. Only problem is the sleeves are not lined so you're might have to wear something underneath in mixed environments.

The piece is well made with good quality material and the best news is that their collection is currently up to 50% off (this kaftan included) so now is the time to buy if you haven't picked out your Eid dress yet.

Some of you might not be down with being covered head to toe in flowers but I'm totally fine with grandma prints and mass usage of florals.

Details + Links
Shoes ~ Target
Bag ~ Palestyle
Scarf ~ Egypt

05 July 2014

Neon Tribal Abaya

NA Exclusive Abayas sent me another piece to review. The abaya is very colourful as you can see for yourself, decorated with sequins set in particular patterns. While I'm a big colour and pattern lover it does make me feel slightly like a giant lolly wrapper and would only be worn on an occasion when you'd be expected to dress up. Example - when I first tried it on we were about to head out the door to go have dinner and my husband said to wear it but walking into a cheap Asian eatery looking like a giant neon sign didn't sit right with me. It's definitely one of those pieces that have a time and place and a casual setting just ain't it. Not in my books anyway. The piece is incredibly eye catching (from one side at least) so I'm thankful the majority of the dress is a plain black with detail brought in with asymmetrical arm designs - one being a straight fit, the other being a butterfly-esque draped design. Truthfully, I don't know how I feel about mismatching sleeves. I don't hate them but I'm not crazy about them either- it makes me feel a little lopsided but in saying that this design probably wouldn't work without them. Just wish the straight sleeve was a little more fitted because it is too loose and shapeless for my liking. I like things  defined. 
The matching oblong scarf has one end panelled with the sequins but instead of letting that drape loose like I do with 99.99% of my scarf wearing, I decided to tied it up more in a headband sense to not overpower the already in your face abaya design. I think this way it kept it nice and neat. A done up turban style (which doesn't suit my fat head unfortunately) would be perfect with this design. 

Only negative to this I would say is that the sequin section needs to be lined because it is sheer in places and I did have to wear a top underneath it which I don't usually do unless it's an open front style abaya. (Update: I have been just been told by the designer that my piece, being a sample, is not lined but all customer orders are/will be lined so it won't be a worry for you). Other than that all is good - I'm loving the bright colours and the distracting vertical patterns. You can check out this and a plethora of other designs over at NA Exclusive Abaya's Facebook page (and make sure to place any order soon before Eid rolls around).

What do you think of this design? Would you wear it or is it too attention grabbing for you?

01 July 2014

Noor Alina Giveaway

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Winner is Afra Akmal

25 June 2014

Wool & Green

I spent this Sunday, a very grey Sunday, down at Fremantle, visiting the markets, grabbing a bite to eat and dodging the rain. Beware - photo quality is shitastic. I had to use my iPhone and let's just say I'm not really a fan of blogging via mobiles. It greatly reduces image quality but when you leave your camera at home what can you really do?

Fremantle is full of art graffiti walls. It seems every little lane way, alley or main street is lined with art. This particular little piece of turquoise wall splatter came courtesy of a teeny tiny back alley that I doubt many people ever go down (mainly because it leads to nowhere). 

We made a stop in at the Freo markets and for the first time in my life got my hands on some red velvet cake. It just tasted like normal cake. Kinda disappointed considering I was expecting something a little more special as a while back everyone and their dog was madly in love and instgramming red velvet cake to death. 

The giant gourmet cookies though were rather cute and I ended up taking four home for us to have later on in the night for dessert. Most of it ended up crumbled in pieces on the carpet though thanks to the kids and their busy destructive hands.

Lunch was a delicious quick treat at Jus Burgers (beef & lamb are halal - chicken is not to my knowledge). The food here is always delicious, healthy and fresh - definitely one of my favourite eateries in Perth. 

Details + Links
Wool coat ~ Vintage
Pants ~ ASOS
Shoes ~ Zara
Bag ~ Radley

What did you get up to on the weekend?

20 June 2014

One Black Ruffled Abaya

My Pink Hijab, a UAE based company, sent me over their Espresso abaya to have a twirl in (umm, it is ruffled, people - of course there was twirling involved). I've worn it a few times now out and about (mostly to the shops) and found it was very lightweight and pretty much perfect for summer (will come in very handy for Perth's hotter months) but seeing as it is winter now in Australia and raining like a mofo at the moment it was the wrong time to wear it. I got wet, near drenched, as the abaya is very thin and boy did I feel the cold. My mistake totally for trying to think I could stand up to winter's grouch in a summer appropriate gown.

Come summer I will definitely be wearing this more often (I could layer up underneath it now for winter but I hate extra layers - so uncomfortable - I try to be as fuss free as possible).

The abaya comes with a matching black waist belt made out of the same fabric as the abaya but I thought I'd throw in a bit of colour and put on a minty hued skinny belt. Side note - This abaya is an open design, held closed by snap closures so you do have to wear stuff underneath. 

I love the ruffles on the chest area and think it is quite dainty but I feel on the whole that there is one too many ruffles on this design. I'd take off one of them at least, maybe the sleeves, possibly the bottom hem ruffles or maybe just switch up the scarf just to not overdo it. Other than that I really like it and greatly appreciate its gentle femininity.  

My Pink Hijab have a really good size range both in terms of width and height. It's not very often I find my 62 inch height requirements for dresses ready to go - I usually have to request it so big bonus points for catering to the tall and the short at the same time. 

Details + Links
Abaya ~ My Pink Hijab
Shoes ~ Zara
Ring ~ Egypt
Sunnies ~ Valley Gurl
Belt ~ ASOS
Lipstick ~ MAC in Pink Nouveau