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That's what you type into Google when you are looking for a blinged out crystal abaya, right? And what do you get except for listing after listing of old fashioned abaya designs.

When a lot of western based Muslimahs hear the words "Khaleeji Abaya" they usually think of these styles shown below, which like I mentioned before is not the case. Yes, they are manufactured in places like Dubai, but these are really what people in the Gulf would call "Souk" or market abayas as they are cheaply priced and not under any designer label, even though some low-end boutiques and lots of recent Facebook sellers claim them as their own.

On Facebook and through online shops posing as Khaleeji Boutiques, these abayas are resold anywhere from $60 - $150, maybe even more. The truth is, if you buy direct from the manufacturer's factory  in Dubai then you will find very cheap prices averaging $25-$50 or $70 for the very detailed, hand embroidered pieces.

The reason why these prices are cheap is because of the following reasons:
  1. They are cheaply priced because they are made cheaply.
  2. The quality of material is very basic.
  3. Most times the abayas are not even overlocked which means they can fray under the arms, around the wrists or over the shoulders and split. This has happened to me a lot. I think they skimp on properly finishing off the stitiching to save on time and therefore money.
  4. They are MASS produced and resold on a huge scale. I think I have seen about 30+ odd Facebook sellers selling these pieces, plus many online sellers. If you buy one, you can be damn sure there are 40,000 other people wearing the same design. And their mark up on prices is huge compared to what they really cost - I used to sell them myself so I know.
  5. They are made in Dubai and are meant for the low-end market stock of abayas, yet here in the West they are marketed by sellers and priced as high-end designs which they are not.
  6. These are not designer pieces. Therefore they don't use excellent quality fabrics (cheaper price usually means cheaper fabric) nor do they have the true current Khaleeji styles as shown here.
They do have some very beautiful pieces - I own a lot myself and have/will be wearing them on the blog - but they definitely can not compare to the fabric quality, design and cut of designer abayas.

Try to get your hands on my main abaya supplier: NA Exclusive Abayas. Most of the abayas I have are made by this company and they can make cheaply priced, basic abayas while also handmaking higher quality, hand embellished pieces fit for a queen. Find them on Facebook here.

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  1. I feel like I just got let in on the biggest secret! This is so exciting :)

    Thanks for always keeping it real!

  2. I really like that you posted this - I've seen that website and it really shocks me how much people overcharge for those abayas. I have a tiiiiny abaya business and have literally had all of the ones I sell handpicked from a specific country, personally. I like that they're mostly more individual designs, but would still never sell them for the price that I've seen some resellers set... scary. I agree though, they're good value for what you pay when you buy them at the wholesale price - again, kudos for posting the site as it's great to make people more aware of the options that are out there.

  3. @Haute Muslimah
    Happy shopping! No probs.

    I hope more ppl become aware of this post and stop paying huge amounts of money for souk designs

  4. I have ordered from wholesale and realized the same.


    great post.. its so true about how some people arent aware of this.. ive seen some websites selling some of these for 100 pounds.. for that you can get an amazing piece with drapes.. alot of fabric and delicate works in dubai

  6. Ah, LOL>..ah the secret is out eh. LOL. Yeah I know, I only ever wear my abayaat that I bought when I lived in Saudi-and yes they are ones from high quality boutiques...Ive gotten some of those abayah 1 ones and wasnt very pleased, they are *OK* but not fab and your right, they are sold EVERYWHERE...which is crazy.

  7. SubhnaAllah I'm soooooo late but happy I found you sis!! MashaAllah May Allah(swt) reward you for your efforts!!!!! Xxxxx

  8. SubhnaAllah. I'm totally late but am ever sooooo grateful for this blog!!! MashaAllah May Allah(swt) reward you sister Ameen...xxxxxxx

  9. Assalamu alaikum! Yes I totally agree with you sister- they are definitely the generic 'khaleeji' standard abayas! I recently came across some of them on KhaleejiAbaya.Com- although they are selling them for very reasonable prices for the UK, I think they are a great affordable alternative, especially if you want to keep up with the changing styles.

  10. assalamou alaikoum everybody.i just want to know where we can see the models of abayas and how do we buy online?can someone please tell me?

  11. I am going to Saudi soon: I just want a plain balck abaya - is there such a thing? No colour or bling!

  12. Assalaamualaikum sisters. I have always wanted to open my own small business & sell simple, elegant Abaya's. However I have researched for many years & don't have a clue who to go to & who to trust. If anyone could help me or give me pointers I would really really appreciate it. JazakaAllah Khairan.