Dubai Fashion Week Abayas

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Dubai Fashion Week was last week and instead of posting each designer individually I thought it would be best to show you guys in one post, just to get it over and done with.

Emirati USH Boutique owner, Abeer AlSuwaidi, launched her collection - USH Design.  She featured many metallic embellished abayas with a sharp, cutting edge.

Nabrman produced a new line that included the signature Nabrman splash of bright colour plus floral detailing. Designer Hend AlMutawa also included greay and white varieties; including the abaya worn by Kim Kardashian.

Mohammed AlMarri's label, Dan Couture, created some of my favourite pieces for DFW. I love the yellows, reds and oranges he used in his designs.

Love the green & pink in the middle. So cute!

Homa Qamar, designer of Homa Q Abayas played with plenty of shapes and drapes under a metallic theme.

Loving the hooded pieces.
Barjis Chohan added abaya pieces to her collection (see my interview with her here about her latest collection).

Did you have a favourite abaya designer from Dubai Fashion Week? Which ones did you love the most?

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  1. Why do abaya's have to be black? I love some of the designs, but I'm Turkish and we don't wear black, so I feel like I'm missing out on some of these pretty designs- unless I get them made in colour. I'll just have to do that unless they start coming in colours.

  2. I was too traumatized by the eyebrows of the model of the first picture made to look like the devil to notice the abayas.

  3. @Jnana..OMG LOOOOL I totally agree with you

  4. oh meee oh myyy! I love soo many and Im not an abaya wearer! I think I like the first lot and the Homa Abayas.

  5. Dubai fashion week in oct.we plan to apply for London fashion week... someone who has existing contacts in the fashion industry and can secure us.

  6. in Indonesia we can found abaya in so many colors.. :) but i prefer maxi rather than abaya.

  7. i love them all !!! but i like the first i think it is the best one ^^ plz can u put the prices i really wich to buy :)

  8. oh my god !!!! they are very lovly i like them all ^^ i love the first one the most ... plz can you put the prices because i would like to buy :)