Kim Kardashian's Kaftan in Dubai

12:10 PM

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I love that while Kim Kardashian is in Dubai that she is also promoting Middle Eastern/Muslim clothing choices. While riding a camel in Dubai, as any tourist would probably do, Kim and her mother Kris wore some beautiful Jalabiya/Kaftan style dresses.

Both women wore platform high Christian Louboutin heels. Not the safest or most appropriate footwear choice for riding camels.

I love both of the designs that they wore, so much so that I can't pick a favourite. Their floor length kaftans were gorgeous. Kim's mulberry purple-red jalabiya with silver beaded detailing is so elegant, while Kris Jenner's bright orange with turquoise collar embellishments is so fresh and cute. I'd love to know who sells these as I wouldn't mind having Kris's orange dress brightening up my wardrobe.

The kaftans with camera flash. The orange looks like a dark peach here - so lovely!

I want that orange jalabiya! If you know where it comes from or see something similar then please leave me a comment telling me about it.

Update! I just received Kris Jenner's kaftan to review. Click here to see it or take a look at other kaftans below. Click on the arrows to see more and then click on the pics to be taken to the seller's website.

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  1. I just know the name of the designer after reading a article on Kims trip

    Emirati designer Hend Al Mutaw

  2. Hend did her abayas. I'm not sure she did the kaftans. Do you have the link?

  3. Ange hope this helps

  4. I cant find the place where it says she designed them or mentions Kim at all

  5. I'm so pleased that she decided to dress for the climate as well as the culture (not that it's necessarily required in Dubai) Both her and her mum look really great.

    But does her face stay that covered in thick makeup without melting off? And in the desert heat?!

  6. she was probably only out there for the photo op/filimg then went back in to the air con. you can tell in the pics that she is just outside the hotel.

  7. thankgod that last thing she wore was so borring

  8. I love them!!! I wouldn't wear them myself (waaaay too out there for me...) but she looks beautiful.

  9. Wow, I love them both! They are so pretty and they look so feminine in them, if women could just get the point, it's not showing all your "goodies" that makes you sexy it's about femininity and all that goes with it. Anyway, mini-rant... I would totally wear the orange one! I LOVE it with the turquoise. The purple-ish one is lovely too.. I'd wear them both!

  10. Not a big fan of Kardashian but was glad that they took the trouble to dress appropriately. I found her pics in nice red dress in here.

  11. I love both of them too, they look so nice and elegant.

  12. theyre from here my lovie


  13. Love the jalabiya but not a big fan of kim..she so fake pretty..
    anyways still love the jalabiya :)

  14. They look gorgeous and don't shoot me sisters but I love watching the Kardashians (they always make me feel good about my boring life *less drama*) :D
    Wish I looked as good in a kaftan though, but what can you do if your body shape is teapot? LOL
    Miz H if you find out who designed these kaftans, please share. I would love the one Kim's that exact colour...might not look so good with my teapot shape, but perfect with my colouring.
    Hugs, Washi

  15. I love the pink kaftan! Gorgeous! (On a side-note: I'm so disgusted at the typical dubai thing happening where asian men are holding umbrellas for them)

  16. this post is amazing! love the way your posts are very varied and also have celeb looks aswell

    keep it up x

  17. :O whyyyyy dont i own galabiya's what kind of person am i? They're both so beautiful I wouldn't mind splurging on them.

  18. Does anyone know where Kims kaftan is from, like a website link would be really useful thatks!

  19. @Skye
    I asked Hend and she said she only did the abayas.

    @Modestly Me
    I didn't mind it actually. It was just very low key.

    I would! I love the colours.

    I agree. They need to explore different ways of looking good besides the booty tight clothing choices.

    Indeed they are.

    @Anon #1
    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

    @Anon #2 & DD
    It is very prettty.

    That red dress was hot!

    I watch it too. I love Khloe.

    I never even noticed it. Seems a bit of a backtrack to the old British Empire servant/slave days.

    @Anon #3
    Thanks darl! I'm trying.

    @Perfectly Imperfect
    They are very nice. You might have to splurge on them!

    @Anon #4
    I havent come across it yet for her exact design.

  20. The designer of the caftans is Miriam Rahali with Marena Y Sol.

  21. I love Kim and am crazy over Jen's is d color that is missing in my wardrobe. Thanks for sharing d info :)

  22. Kim Kardashian got famous cause of a sex tape, she was just a rich nobody before that, so technically she's a pornstar. Being a Muslim i don't think you should be posting about her!! :^/

  23. salam! you can get these kinds of kaftans from a designer Arabic clothing manufacturer in the UK- if you show them a picture they can do that orange one for you easily- i had a nice abaya and caftan made by them recently!

  24. Hi Hun,

    Could anyone tell me who is Kim's kaftan is by?


  25. Salams! I know the one Kris Jenner wore is by Marena Y Sol. Unfortunately I don't know where Kim's is from.

  26. very very nice thank you so much ^^